Short story analysis


Hvordan analysere en novelle – på engelsk? 

Under følger en sjekkliste på som du kan følge når du skal levere inn din novelleanalyse på engelsk, eller skrive din novelleanalyse på engelsk.

PLOT – WHAT happens in the story? Is there a turning point in the story?  
SETTING – WHEN and WHERE is the story set?

  • Time
  • Place
CHARACTERS – WHO takes part in the story?

  • Main characters and minor characters
  • How do we get to know the characters? How are they described?
THEME – WHY is the story told?

  • The underlying idea of a text
  • Rarely stated directly
NARRATIVE TECHNIQUE – HOW is the story told?

  • Point of view (perspective:1st point of view, 3rd person point of view, omniscient or limited)
  • Tone (funny, formal, ironical, satirical etc.)
  • Mood
  • Imagery (metaphor, simile, symbol, personification)
  • Language
  • Chronology, in medias res








  • How would you interpret the title of the short story?

  • Do you like/dislike the story? Give well-founded reasons for your opinion


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